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The minute you walked in the joint 
I could see you were a mate of distinction 
A real big spender 
Good lookin' so refined, 
Say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind? 
So let me get right to the point 
I don't pop my Vodka for every person I see 
Hey big spender, 
Spend a little time with me!! 

(I hope you sang that poor rendition of big spender as I did) 
This is a truly special package truly deserving of song and dance! 

- You get BOTTLE #1! The very first! The Capital letter at the beginning of an epic novel. Our #day1. A piece of Australian HISTORY! Plus another 5, Batch 1 bottles for you and your friends.
Value- straight up priceless! But the 6 bottles alone are worth $420

- A full day tour of Canberra for you and 4 friends lead by Ben our founder. Enjoy the day in a luxury Mercedes van. You will visit his fellow producers from winemakers, chocolate producers, coffee roasters and brewers and see how the local spirit brand started from a small tour company and was fueled by the passion seen from other producers. A fully customised day! Start the day with Australia's best coffee by the most awarded baristas. We'll visit up to 5 Wineries tasting over 60 local wines. Enjoy a wood-fired pizza lunch. Cheese and charcuterie, chocolates, a spirit tasting and presentation enjoying a range of local producers distilled products... and of course a cocktail masterclass and tasting with Cheers Mate Vodka. 
Value- $1,500 

- MATES RATES! Lifetime discounts on current and future products produced by the Local Spirit brand, discount winery tours and more.

- VIP invite to our launch party, + even more free drinks! 
Value- OMG is this too much value? 

- Free tickets to future events and tastings. 
Value- This is getting out of hand! 

The day will be fully documented on social media. So if you aren't our high roller then you can live vicariously through them on insta and facebook.

As outlined in our cost break down, $60 goes to the cost of each of the bottles and a bit to cover the costs of the day. The Remaining $1200 goes towards funding our launch party. We have big plans, looking for an epic venue and inviting a large media presence. There will be speeches from Ben our founder and a range of hospitality legends sharing their stories. A fun night with cocktails and food, performances and comedy. 

Any questions? 
Call Ben on - 0406820082
OR email -