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Why should you care about Cheers Mate™ Vodka? - Interview


Cheers Mate Vodka Interview with founder Ben Osborne

In this full-length interview with Cheers Mate™ Vodka founder Ben Osborne, the brand, its mission and how it came to fruition are discussed. 

From bar back to bar manager. Starting Canberra's first distillery tour company, Local Spirit Distillery Tours to launching the worlds first colour changing shimmer liqueur Unicorn Elixir. Currently 3 years ahead of schedule. This passion project is finally ready after 1 year of development. 

Radically transparent, you can have a say in how the brand donates the funds it raises. Starting conversations and supporting mental health always remaining at the pinnacle of the brand. 

Big things are happening and this is just the beginning. 

Get involved! We need your help in guiding our impact, sharing resources and ideas. We need your help raising funds so pre-order now. Let's build this community of support and start more conversations about mental health. Like us on facebook and message us to join the discussion and support network, Cheers Mate Facebook.

Our campaign has begun and we are on schedule for production being complete and our first bottles being sent out at the beginning of May. But we need your pre-orders to make this brand a reality.

Get involved and help us reach our target at Cheers Mate Vodka 






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