It is illegal to purchase or supply alcohol to those under 18 years old.

You + This Vodka Will change an industry!

Cost Breakdown of a $70 Bottle Approx

$23 Excise (alcohol) Tax

$7 GST

$15 Manufacturing Costs

$15 Shipping & Packaging

Profit $10
We donate all of this $10 per bottle to support our industry and Charity.

Supporting mental health in the hospitality industry. 

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Supporting Mental Health in Hospitality

It’s no secret the hospitality industry can be a brutal one. Chefs, apprentices, bartenders and wait staff work gruelling and lengthy anti-social hours. There is fierce competition, and the pressure for maintaining impeccable performance and customer service takes its toll. With stress-related drug and alcohol abuse prevalent, and the majority starting out in this industry in their teens and early 20’s, there needs to be more awareness and support.

Cheers Mate wants to bring light to these issues, preventing these bad habits from forming in the first place with easy access to support networks.

Building a more caring and supportive hospitality industry.

Cheers Mate!

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2 Bottles - Batch #1 Cheers Mate Vodka

2 Bottles - Batch #1 Cheers Mate Vodka

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Cheers to that!

  • Australian Made & Owned

    Hand made and labeled. Made from 100% Australian Wheat. With Australian made bottles. Supporting local farmers and manufacturers. 

  • All Natural

    Natural organic colour sourced from flower petals that give the vodka its deep blue colour. Turns pink when mixed with citrus. Our vodka is 100% Vegan and gluten free

  • Charity Driven

    Creating a more compassionate and caring work place by starting conversations about the issues of stress, drug and alcohol abuse. We donate to support mental health in the hospitality industry.

Unicorn Elixir

Unicorns for LGBTQIA+

The worlds first colour changing shimmer liqueur

A brand as unique as you. Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, because everyone should be able to express themselves! Be loud and proud. $10 from each bottle sold here goes to supporting inclusivity and self expression.
From drag nights, burlesque, queer charities and events. We want our impact to be as diverse as our customers!
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Why Cheers Mate Vodka?

Why support local? When you purchase a bottle of Cheers Mate, every dollar is staying in the community. The profits are not sent overseas or used to feed the hungry deep pockets of these huge companies' executives. You are supporting local farmers who grow our grain and the manufacturers who produce our glass. Giving people jobs here. 

We donate $10 from each bottle to mental health awareness and support. We are  particularly concentrating on having these conversations with those in the hospitality industry. We want to be the best Vodka in the world FOR the world. 

With on average 8 suicides per day and suicide being the leading cause of death in young people. For every suicide there are estimated to be over 30 people attempt to end their lives. This is equivalent to over 65,000 suicide attempts each year in Australia. These statistics are horrifying and we know we can make a difference. 

If you are going to pick a vodka, pick one that is going to do a lot of good.

When will I get my bottle?

When you purchase a bottle or subscribe you will join our mailing list which will send out weekly updates from Ben with pictures and stories of how the process is going. You will be there every step of the way! 

We are aiming to have our first batch out the door and delivered in early May accross the nation! We will have constant updates and will let you know as soon as we have a concrete release date! 

I am sure an EPIC launch party will eventuate. So many exciting things to come! Be part of our epic journey. 

What is the full cost breakdown?

We wanted to be very transparent with how much we do donate and why. 
Excise rates are calculated per litre of pure alcohol, as of the 4/2/19 this rate is $85.36. Which when brought to 700ml at 37%abv is over $22 per bottle. This goes up numerous times a year! 

GST is charged ontop of this tax rate. Thats right, a tax on a tax! 

Manufacturing Costs we pay our staff to hand fill and label each bottle. This takes quite a while but with some good music and solid banter is pretty fun! There is the costs of the NSW and Victorian wheat used to make the initial ferment. The whole process of brewing and equipment costs and upkeep. The brewing alone takes a few weeks. Then the distillation process. SO many hands touch our product at each stage of the production process. It takes about a month to produce a batch! 

Shipping and handling is a necessary expense to get anywhere. With Australia being so vast and wide we have some of the highest shipping costs. The $15 allocated to this cost include $12.50 for eparcel postage and $2.50 for a drop proof individual recyclable cardboard wine box. Note that we are based in Canberra. So shipping to central Tasmania, Perth and remote areas cost us around $22 to ship. The shipping costs average out tho, as our founder Ben drives around Canberra making a lot of the local deliveries himself. A great chance to say hello to all the local legends who support the brand. 

Other costs by now you hopefully appreciate the costs of making and delivering just a bottle of Vodka. This is not including rates, rent, equipment insurances, and other general costs of running a business. 

So $60 is our approx costs to have a bottle of our Vodka land at your door. 

NOTE: Please do NOT take the price breakdown we have given of this product as a standard. Other Australian producers have much higher costs of production and to charge $80+ for a craft gin or vodka is completely justifiable. In our situation Ben has fronted all of the setup costs for the brand and isn't charging rent in the warehouse or equipment costs etc. His other brands and businesses have funded this passion project and allowed this to become a reality. 

Our values

Honesty- is first and foremost. Being transparent with our brand letting you know our costs, how much we donate and to what causes. 

Culture-  promoting diversity and inclusivity. Giving more people a voice. 

Accessibility- a lot of people in hard times feel alone or trapped. We want help to be more easily accessible and remind you that help is there when you need it. Be a good mate, check up on your friends regularly. The charities we support are helping more people access the help they need. 

Compassion - something you don't see a lot of working in hospitality but when you do it makes your day. There are so many nightmare customers treating you like dirt. We all have a horrible story that we look back on an laugh about now. But a little compassion goes a long way. Example- Not leaving an utter mess then clearing and stacking your plates at the end of a meal at a restaurant, bonus points for saying a genuine thank you to the wait staff. OH WOW imagine it! So simple but this would make their day. 

Promotion of alcohol issue

We are not here to promote the consumption of alcohol. We are here to promote a more ethical and conscious consumer. 

Drink Less, Drink Better, Support Local. 

IF you are going to pick a vodka. I ask you to think about the impact of your decision. Its a weird thought that such a simple choice actually means anything. But it does to our farmers and producers. We work and live here, we pay tax here. We are on the same team. 

If not our vodka, pick another local producers drop. 


Any other questions?

We probably missed a question or two. 

Always reachable via email 
Send any questions to 

Or call 0406820082 

Can/When will this be in bars and shops?

Very excited to get into bars and bottles shops. Specifically concentrating on bars as the message will be conveyed better and best received. This will be after our initial campaign.

For bar and bottle shop owners and staff - 
Stay tuned and get in contact direct to be one of the first to stock after we finish our first batch. The pricing structures will be different and we are currently on the hunt for a distributor that can help us reach far and wide.

For consumers looking for places they can find us - 
It would be legendary if you ask your favourite bars and bottle shops to stock us! Spread the word.

About Ben

Ben is the founder and producer of Cheers Mate Vodka. A serial entrepreneur who has founded and still owns and runs a number of successful businesses. At the age of 21, the idea of the brand began with the trade mark of Cheers Mate™. 

Built on the idea of having a charity driven brand that supports the people who will be serving it. 

"As a bartender working 12+ hour shifts on your feet, with weeks in a row without a day off because half the staff decided to leave for the Christmas period. Missing out on parties and events because you are always working weekend. Being away from family during the holiday season, unable to get time off to go home and be with your loved ones. The constant state of being tired and your body clock being out of whack due to finishing so late at night. The lack of sunlight in your life. Then being unable to sleep because its so difficult to switch off after working at 110% for such a long time. You can quickly find yourself in a routine and its not a healthy one.

I have seen so many bartenders, wait staff and chefs struggle under similar circumstances. Some turn to various other methods to escape, relax and switch off. I have always wanted to help but was never sure of the best way that I could.

With such a large number of hospitality workers being in their teens and early 20’s, many struggle in this delicate time, figuring out their studies and planning for the future. Its scary and its hard work and most of us haven’t got a clue. I want this brand to help start a conversation and its not the easiest conversation to start. Simply ask, are you ok? The greatest friends are found when you are struggling. Be a good mate and make sure to appreciate and say cheers to the mates that have supported you. A little appreciation goes a long way and like the boomerang in our logo, put a little love out there and you will get some back.

Cheers Mate.”